The Importance of Prebiotics for Health

One of the most cutting-edge fields of medicine is gene modification, which has shown that the importance of prebiotics is based on being “friendly” bacteria, which is similar to organisms found naturally in the digestive tract. Certain strains or types of prebiotics have been linked to all kinds of health benefits, from helping with irritable bowel syndrome and stimulating the immune system. They are sometimes used to combat diarrhea that can result from taking antibiotics.importance of prebiotics and probiotics in human diet

Foods with prebiotics

As the invasion of prebiotics in supermarkets starts off, you may have some questions about how to buy and use them. Here are some answers to common questions about prebiotics and products containing them. Yogurts are the foods most known to have prebiotics, but there are other foods that do not have but are equally good to stimulate the growth of those already in the body.

The yacon root is very rich in a type of sugar that the human body cannot use. Therefore, this sugar passes through the digestive system to the colon where it is used by the bacteria that inhabit that area. There, bacteria can consume sugar and reproduce. This way you have a better amount of bacteria to make the whole system work better. That is why yacon is also said to be a prebiotic.

The importance of prebiotics

It is proven that their lifestyle plays an important role in how genes are expressed. The widely accepted dogma that your genes control your health fate is being completely uprooted, as its genetic code is not written in stone. Rather, it is constantly changing based on factors such as your diet and stress levels.

For example, eating broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, garlic and onion helps activate cancer-suppressing tumor suppressor genes. Similarly, researchers revealed that the consumption of a pro-biotic beverage influences the activity of hundreds of genes in a positive way.

In short, dietary habits and lifestyle have an important role in how they influence the genes of your body. In this way diseases can be avoided and chronic diseases can be controlled.

You can start taking advantage of your health now by incorporating prebiotics and other foods into your diet that help support healthy gene expression. It is important to eat varied and incorporate prebiotic foods into your diet every day to strengthen your health.

Probiotic Foods

Since we already discussed the importance of probiotics for health, it is time to do some changes with your cooking ingredients. Make sure you have the following foods which are natural prebiotics: chicory root, dandelion greens, Jerusalem artichoke, garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, oats, bananas, apples, cocoa, flaxseeds, yacon root, seaweed etc.

These foods mentioned above are high in fiber and support digestive health. Prebiotic foods improve metabolic health and also prevent your body from numerous diseases. Since the fiber content of these foods can be altered while cooked, it is better if you consume it raw. By eating these foods, you are making your body healthy and you will feel energetic.


Now you know the importance of prebiotics for health. You can make them part of your daily routines and you can make thousands of combinations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since fruit is always more than welcomed in our bodies, apple or banana could be very beneficial for our well-being. Prebiotic are an important part of nutrition and should never be forgotten. This is all for now, eat healthy and stay well.

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