Characteristics of homeopathy as therapy

Homeopathy began to be used since many decades ago. The same arose in Germany, more than two centuries ago, when was decided to be studied as an alternative form of cure that was not the traditional medicine. It was there that began to be used in some patients with some conditions, which healed quickly in a very natural way. One of the characteristics of homeopathy is that it can also be considered as a form of disease prevention.

The characteristics of homeopathy are very particular. The first thing to know is that it comes in various formats, that is, it can be in liquid form in drops, in capsules or also granules and globules. The granules are composed of tubes which contain multiple doses. It is one of the most popular and the most used, are also usually sold in pharmacies.characteristics of vital force in homeopathy

How is homeopathy made?

Another characteristic of homeopathy is that it is available in globules, which are identified as small tubes that have only one dose per shot. Usually in this case, remedies can be found for diseases like the flu, or colds which are the most common diseases.

The basis of homeopathy has as a general rule the law of similarities which says that when a person suffers from a disease, it can be cured by ingesting substances which can produce the same results. These substances should be ingested gradually and in very high doses which are controlled.

Perhaps the drops are one of the most common homeopathy remedies, although there is also the ointment, but it is not so frequent to find it. Bach flowers is one of the most used medicines in homeopathy, which can cure many health problems. Some of the natural elements that are usually used are ginseng, natural herbs like carqueja, and many prepared.

In homeopathy special preparations are applied which can also cure other problems such as obesity, natural remedies can also be used. Those little droplets are a very good remedy for health.

One of the most important benefits is that homeopathy is an individualized therapy. In classical homeopathy the physician is the one who study the modalities, and their lifestyle. Subsequently it is prescribed a certain remedy which must be granted to solve the health problem.

How is homeopathy performed?

Since all people have different way of responding to diseases, and each genetic factors are not the same, some patients might increase pain under activity, while other can relieve it. If you have cold and you have blocked airways, it can be on both sides or just one of them can be blocked. Different patients have different response to symptoms, even if it is same disease concerned. In order for a patient to be cured, it is very important to be made tests.

One of the characteristics of homeopathy is that it has three directions of cure:

  • From above downwards
  • From within outwards
  • In the reverse order of their coming


The main characteristics of homeopathy are its effectiveness and the fact that it does not produce side effects. However there are other alternative medicines which come from homeopathy, such as: Bach Flowers, or electro homeopathy, and isopathy. They all have proven its effectiveness, and now it is your turn to choose whether you will go with any of these mentioned methods. Do not live with pain, when you can easily solve your problem with homeopathy. Treat your body well, so it can serve you well.

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